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Monument Jules Ferry

Jardin des Tuileries
This monument to Ferry is located in the Tuilleries Gardin near the Louvre in Paris. It depicts Ferry standing at a lectern with one woman below looking toward him. That woman has her hands on a child. A second woman is seated and appears to be holding a book - unopened, on her thigh and looking into the distance.
Ferry (1832-1893), in addition to his colonial efforts is known for promoting laicism in French society. He served as the 44th and 49th Prime Minister (1880-1881 & 1883-1885). His promotion of French as the national language no doubt led to the extinction of several provincial languages.
The artist is Michel Gustave-Frederic (1851-1924) was a French sculptor who has only this brief entry in Wikipedia.
"Gustave Frederic Michel (1851-1924) was a French sculptor, according to Marina Warner"one of the most famous sculptors of the first decades of this century in France, " although virtually unknown today.