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Lucy Orta, Jorge Orta


Spirits, Childeren of / Enfants de La Villette

Jardin Tino Rossi (temporary)
The figurative sculptures carrying the title Enfants de la Villette represent the 'spirits' of the children who frequent the Parc de la Villette in Paris, where the artists survey exhibition took place from May to September 2014.
Jonas balances on milk churns that have been knocked over, symbolising all the milk spilt by European diary farmers, protesting in recent years. His posture and the objects associated evoke the themes of this major exhibition Food / Water / Life.
The Enfants de la Villette echo the sculptures of the Spirits of the Huveaune who were inspired by historical texts, legends and stories about the feminine presence associated with the valley and the foundation of the city of Marseille, five sculptures have been given a permanent place along the river Huveaune in the South-East of France.<