San Francisco Art@Site Ned Kahn Firefly

Ned Kahn



525 Golden Gate Avenue
About the wind
The wind is silent.
The wind sets in motion.
The wind surrounds us.
Firefly by Ned Kahn shows silent movement that surrounds us. We do not live alone but are surrounded by nature.
We hardly consider this. We are often seized by small issues. Even though we often initially oppose to it, it is liberating to feel free, light and dynamic. Just like the wind.
By Theo,

Over de wind
De wind is stil.
De wind zet in beweging.
De wind omringt ons.
Firefly van Ned Kahn toont stille beweging dat ons omringt. We leven niet alleen maar zijn omringt door de natuur.
Wij letten hier nauwelijks op. We worden vaak in beslag genomen door kleine issues. Ook al verzetten wij ons hier vaak aanvankelijjk tegen, is het bevrijdend om te voelen dat we vrij zijn, licht en dynamisch zijn. Nét zoals de wind.
By Theo,
'Firefly' dramatically reveals how wind moves around and through it. The hinged, polycarbonate panels swing with the unseen patterns of the wind. Each panel has a small inbedded magnet that connects with an electrical reed switch. By day, the work appears like rippling waves of glass. By night, the back and forth swinging of the panels trigger the flickering of tiny led lights. The illumination of this entire sculpture requires less energy than a 75-watt light bulb. The artwork also serves as a gantry for a series of power-generating, vertical axis wind turbines that power the lights as well as feeding electricity back into the building. A collaboration with KMD Architecture and commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission for the Public Utilities Commission. Completed in 2012.