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Shinshichi Nakatani


The Drum Bridge

Japanes Tea Garden
Shinshichi Nakatani was the builder of the 1894 San Francisco Midwinter Fair's Bell Gate (Shoro-no-mon) and Drum Bridge (Taiko Bashi) for the Japanese Tea Garden - Golden Gate Park.
Renowned Master Shrine Builder (Torio), Shinshichi Nakatani, was commissioned by the Japanese government to build a Drum Bridge (taiko Bashi) for the 1894 San Francisco Midwinter Fair.
Shinshichi made the grueling trip by boat in the early 1890's to build the bridge, only to discover the lack of proper building materials available. He then returned to his home in Japan where he constructed the original drum bridge. After completion, the bridge received a Shinto Blessing and was dismantled for it's sea voyage to San Francisco.