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Don’t Look Back

Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku
No Title. Bbased on the Roy Lichtenstein painting 'Girl with a hair ribbon'.
The last time I saw her she had a black eye, there’s nothing sexier than that, except for a single tear on a porcelain cheek, I whispered ‘Don’t look back’ and never did.
Shibuya, Tokkyo. Based on the Roy Lichtenstein painting ‘Girl with a hair ribbon’ that hangs in the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Which was based upon the comic art by John Romita.

Galerie Itinerrance:
D*Face’s paintings go straight to the point with the same energy and efficiency as the comics that inspire him !
D*Face draw his characters with sharp ondulating lines over minimal white backgrounds sprinkled with light blue dots, reminiscent of a mechanical printing process.
His subjects - often couples -are always extremely expressive, systematically captured at a crucial moment : if it was a comic strip one could easily imagine the previous box and anticipate the next one.
I’d rather put my spectators on the track and then let everyone go on as they feel in their perception of my work.