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Alexander Liberman



Sankei Plaza, Sankei Building
The tubes rise out of the ground. Open cut tubes are fixed on it. Just directly on each other. Without ornamentation, no frills.
The tubes have different angles, there is no pattern or focus.
The artwork is a few times larger than we are. This plus the signal-red color create an eye-catching look, so it takes all the space it needs both literally and figuratively.
This object is straight-forward: there must be performed.
Iliad by Alexander Libermann is standing on a perfect location, surrounded by tall office buildings. In this area counts the measurable result.
Art can perform 100%.
By Theo,

Buizen rijzen uit de grond. Hieraan zijn open gezaagde buizen vast gelast. Gewoon, direct aan elkaar. Er is geen versiering, geen opsmuk.
De buizen staan onder verschillende hoeken, er is geen patroon of focus.
Het kunstwerk is een aantal keren groter dan onszelf. Dit en ook de signaalrode kleur maken het een opvallende verschijning, dat letterlijk en figuurlijk alle ruimte inneemt dat het nodig heeft.
Dit object is straight forward: er moet gepresteerd worden.
Illiad van Alexander Libermann staat op de perfecte locatie; tussen hoge kantoorgebouwen. Dit is een omgeving waarin het meetbare resultaat telt.
Kunst kan 100% presteren.
By Theo,
Alexander Semeonovitch Liberman was a complete artist. He was a painter, a sculptor, a photographer and an editor. His abstract sculptures are featured in many museums in the world. Made from ingeniously assembled industrial objects (steel beams, tank drums, boiler heads or pipes), his sculptures are always a point of attraction.
One of them is located in Tokyo, in the Sankei Plaza from Otemachi, in front of the Sankei Building. Installed in 1987, the sculpture is a giant 14-meters-tall red pipes assembly, and it is part of a series of sculptures called Iliad. Hence, its name is Iliad Japan.
This is a steel monument produced by Alexander Liberman (1912 – 1999) in 1987. 'Iliad' is an epic of ancient Greek where Homer ranked the Trojan War.
Liberman is a Russian-American photographer and sculptor. Worked as a Vogue art director during the 1940s and 1950s. The 12 meter high red steel artwork 'Iliad Japan' by the famous artist Alexander Liberman located in front of the building - it is the central meeting place within the Otemachi area.