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Achim Kühn


Klingende Blume

Puschkinallee 16
The work Klingende Blume Achim Kühn is an common example of a kind gesture of welcome; big and then either sympathetic or serious.

Compared with other artworks
The artwork Bird of Paradise by Dina Merhav (Shanghai, picture 1, more information) is, like the Butterfly Mill by Herman Makkink a special landmark: large and with flighty meanings.

Compared to this artwork Vlindermolen by Herman Makkink (Amsterdam, picture 2, more information) is more obscure and humourous.
By Theo,
Within Treptower Park, in the south-east of the city, an obscure and almost futuristic sculpture by Achim Kühn lives and breathes with the surrounding nature and weather. Klingende Blume, or the ‘sounding flower’, is a wind chime that mimics the movements of flora.
Achim Kühn has many known trades, however, most notably in metalwork and blacksmithing. His installation within Treptower Park was created in 1985 in a family-owned workshop in Berlin. This workshop has been passed down through generations along with the family trade of metalwork, both Achim’s father and grandfather worked in this industry and both created iconic pieces throughout Germany.
Treptower Park has remained one of the larger areas in the city of Berlin, previously hosting trade fairs, protests and political rallies. In 1949, construction began on a memorial to the Red Army soldiers lost during the Battle for Berlin at the end of World War II. Since then the park has become home to many tourists viewing the magnificent memorial, enjoying the wide-open green spaces and flower gardens, as well as commuters using the many cycle lanes and pathways through an alternative area of the city.
The art installation essentially works as a wind chime, reacting and moving with the changing air flows. The central stalks collide together to create different tones and noises, the petals of the flower bringing the stalks back to the centre. Mimicking the movements of a real flower, the metal sculpture contrasts flora in both its enormous scale and the heavy, rigid materials it is made from.
The structure of this installation reflects the nature around it, however, through a completely different method of movement, its size and weight creating a massive divide despite its similar appearance.
Auf einer rechteckigen Betonfundamentplatte montiert sind die sechs graublau gefassten Stahlstützen der Plastik („Windspiel', Kinetische Plastik) „Klingende Blume', ein Werk des Metallbildhauers Achim Kühn. Die Stützen bilden den Stängel einer abstrahierten Blüte. Sie öffnen sich winklig im oberen Bereich und auf ihnen sind die aus poliertem Stahlblech genieteten und geschweißten Blütenblätter so montiert, dass sie sich zusammen mit aufmontierten Stempeln im Wind bewegen und die „Blüte' sich öffnet oder schließt. An der Unterseite ist jedes der Blätter mit sechs Gewichten aus Eisenscheiben beschwert. Bei Wind schlagen die Kugeln der Stempel aneinander, so dass ein Klang entsteht.
Die Plastik entstand vermutlich im Zusammenhang den seit 1957 jährlich im spreeseitigen Teil des Parks in den Sommermonaten stattfindenden Ausstellungen „Blume und Plastik'. Das Aufstellungsdatum war der 21.5. 1985. Der in Grünau ansässige Achim Kühn ist als Sohn und Ateliernachfolger Fritz Kühns einer derjenigen Künstler, die am häufigsten mit Werken in Treptow vertreten sind. 2005 fand eine Sanierung statt.
On a rectangular concrete Foundation plate, the six-gray blue-coloured steel and are mounted to the plastic ("wind", it is Kinetic sculpture) "Sounding flower", a work of metal sculptor Achim Kühn support. The Support form the stem of an abstract flower. They open at an angle in the upper area and the polished steel plate riveted and welded petals are mounted so that they move together with mounted punches in the Wind, and the "bloom" opens or closes. At the bottom of each of the leaves is loaded with six Weights from iron discs. In the case of Wind, the balls of the stamps beat each other, so that a sound is created.
The plastic was probably in the context of the since 1957, a year in the spree river-side part of the Park in the summer months of exhibitions "flower" and "plastic". The installation date was 21.5. 1985. In Grünau-based Achim Kühn, as the son and Atelier successor to Fritz Kühn's one of those artists who are the most represented, with works in Treptow. In 2005, a reorganization took place. Text: Jörg Kuhn, Susanne Kähler.