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Jean Dubuffet


Le Reseda

Musee d'Orsay (temporary)
Le Reseda is a monumental sculpture created in 1972 by the sculptor Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet (1901-1985).
The epoxy resin sculpture is representative of the work of the artist who defined himself as a fan of Art Brut (Low Art) also known as Raw Art or Outsider Art, an art which according to him, has a more authentic approach to image-making.
Dubuffet always began his plans by creating models carved from polystyrene. He said that the lightweight material was very easy to work. He then had to produce the cast in epoxy resin.
This piece of contemporary art may come across as in total breach with the classicism of the building. The abstract style, almost primitive and childish, and the primary colours may be surprising at first sight… but the appreciation of art is a very subjective concept.
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