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Micha Laury


Mind Accumulation

Jardin Tino Rossi
This large abstract sculpture was produced by Israeli artist Micha Laury in 1988, and constructed of stainless steel, it is called Mind Accumulation and has different distinct elements with cones meant to depict an hour glass on edge, yet as you can tell from these pictures, there are also tubes that run for a length of approximately 10 metres, some of which have been placed on tressels that all form a loop.
Un cartel indiquant les noms de l'oeuvre et de l'auteur, ainsi que la date de creation et le materiau utilise, est pose a meme le sol pres de l'oeuvre.

A cartel indicating the names of the work and of the author, and the date of creation and the material used, is placed on the floor near the work.