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Andrea Salvetti


Mazzolin di Fiori

Odeon-The√Ętre de l'Europe (temporary)
Entitled"Mazzolin di Fiori" this aluminum sculpture appears to be a large egg embedded in the pavement...with five-petaled flowers comprising its exterior. The artist is Andrea Salvetti and it is dated 2009.
The sculpture"Mazzolin di Fiori" by Andrea Salvetti is made up of 1500 metallic flowers in four different colours. The access to the sculpture is guaranteed by a small entrance that interrupts the weaving of the flowers.
The metallic material (anodized aluminium) reacts differently to external lighting conditions. In this"cloudy view" we can see the only access to the sculpture the colours of which are perfectly integrated with the yellow facades of the Amphitheater's Buildings and the gray of the leaden sky.
The Flower Dome wants to be a synergy between architecture, sculpture and design.
The sculpture of Andrea Salvetti isn't a static but a dynamic work because it arouses emotions that change with the weather conditions: the"cloudy" version makes us savor the integration between the sculpture and surrounding environment through the chromatic scale enhanced by this type of light.